'Imitasyon' Graphic Novella


'Imitasyon' Graphic Novella


'Imitasyon: The Graphic Novella' is an 80-page graphic novel that was inspired by the short film, 'Imitasyon,' an Official Selection in the 2010 San Diego Black Film Festival and the 2009 Roxbury Film Festival.

"The bad man" can’t harm Kyla when she sleeps under her uncle’s bed. Her uncle spends his nights on the couch, running from the all-seeing, metaphysical worms of an esoteric Japanese faith in a recurring nightmare. In the early aftermath of the death of the young girl’s parents, Kyla and her uncle are adapting to life with one another. They are getting by the best they can, each dealing with the tragedy in their own way, but something is amiss. When Kyla begins to mimic her belated parents, what will these imitations reveal about the past and future of her family?

Authors: Peter Paul Payack, Mike Payack, Eugene Damian
Illustrator: Peter Paul Payack
Publication Date: August 2011

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